Viewing the tulip blooms in the Skagit Valley near Mount Vernon, Washington.

Tulips & Knives

The Skagit Valley is the world’s largest exporter of tulips (take that Holland!) and every April when the tulips are in full bloom people flood the farming community to view the colorful fields during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. On Saturday, we traveled about an hour north of Seattle to Mt. Vernon to see the […]


Easy Pasta Dish

I’m obsessed with this super easy, fresh pasta dish! I’ve adapted my recipe from Tasting Table’s website by using Lagana Food’s fresh pasta instead of making my own homemade version. I LOVE artisan Lagana Pasta because it has like 3 ingredients, it’s made by the amazing Chef Ethan Stowell, it’s bronze cut so it holds more sauce, it has […]


Cherry Blossoms

It’s spring time! The daffodils and tulips are popping up and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. We visited the University of Washington’s Quad to take some dreamy snap shots. I can’t even describe how beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom actually are when you see them in person. The photos don’t accurately do it […]


POPSquatch 2014

I had the best day at work ever! It was employee appreciation day at POP, called POPSquatch. The POPSquatch is kind of our beloved mascot. The day included breakfast, lunch and happy hour, gift card raffles, t-shirts, buttons, tattoos, Amazing Race/Scavenger Hunt, lip sync contest, gif photo booth and tons of excitement and fun! The […]

A spit image of a small dog posing on a mossy log.

Hiking with the little man

This past Saturday I was itching for a quick hike. Now I would normally take Paisley, our Airedale Terrier, out for this type of an adventure. But Bentley, our 11 year old Yorkie, was the lucky winner. We geared up and headed out to Discovery Park on a drizzly Seattle morning. The park was packed, […]

Kim tasting a purple pansy at the edible flower table

Art For Food Event

A few month back we stumbled on an interesting gallery space. We weren’t sure what it was but we saw a bunch of chefs in sitting around a table and the door was open so naturally, we let ourselves in. Greeted by Chef Maxime Bilet who showed us around his space and introduced us to […]

Valentine's Day e-card that says, "Your gallbladder may not be a keeper, but the rest of you will always be mine. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Valentine’s Day…sort of

How did we celebrate Valentine’s Week? With a trip to one of Seattle’s finest hospitals, of course. What did you do? Something romantic I’m sure. We’ve just past the 5 month mark in our new town, so I guess it’s a fine time to kick the tires of Seattle’s medical system. As Bobby so eloquently […]

View of an apartment courtyard front he roof. The courtyard is covered in snow.

Snow in Seattle

February 9th brought us a special treat in Seattle. Now yes there is plenty of snow just an hour east, north, even west and south of Seattle. But in Seattle it is rare to get more than an inch. With reports of a massive snow storm moving up from Portland we were gazing out the […]

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