Special Edition

Kim, Bobby and Kyle pose at Kerry Park with the city in the background

Special Edition: Kyle Visits Seattle

We are so excited that Kyle decided to visit us in Seattle. Okay, to be truthful, he was here for work and we only got to spend about 16 hours with him total, but we’re SO happy to see him. We gave him a super condensed tour of our the city. Since he had already […] Read more…

Two men pose against an old fallen tree on a beach.

Special Edition: Louie Visits

Social media pal and fellow Nikon shooter Louie Preciado came to Seattle to hang out with  photographer friend Kimberly Scott. We had all met a few years back while working on a 48 Hour Film project in San Antonio. I picked up Louie on a Saturday morning and we set off to hit as much […] Read more…